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National Curriculum for Maths

Whole School Maths Overview

Maths at Ocean Academy


National Curriculum for English

Reading at Ocean Academy

Whole School Reading Overview – Class Readers

Whole School Reading Overview – Reading lessons

Writing at Ocean Academy

Whole School Writing Overview


National Curriculum for Science

Science at Ocean Academy


National Curriculum for Geography

Geography at Ocean Academy


National Curriculum for History

History at Ocean Academy

Languages – spanish

National Curriculum for Languages

Languages at Ocean Academy

Art & design

National Curriculum for Art and Design

Art and Design at Ocean Academy


National Curriculum for Computing

Computing at Ocean Academy

Design Technology

National Curriculum for Design Technology

Design Technology at Ocean Academy


National Curriculum for Music

Music at Ocean Academy

Physical education

National Curriculum for Physical Education

PE at Ocean Academy

Personal, social, health & economic education (PSHE)

National Curriculum for PSHE

PSHE at Ocean Academy

RSE at Ocean Academy

religious education

Guidance for teaching Religious Education

RE at Ocean Academy

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Curriculum Overview

Please click here to see our 2022-23 curriculum planning overview: CURRICULUM OVERVIEW 2022-23 To see what each year group is learning  please click on the…

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