Staff List for September 2021

senior leadership

Mrs J QuarrieExecutive Principal
Mr L Tharme Associate Principal
Mrs R RichardsonAssistant Principal & SENCO

Teaching Staff

Mr J LeeYear 6 Lead Teacher, Barracuda Class
Miss C Steele Year 6 Teacher, Stingray Class
Mrs L PartridgeYear 6 Teacher, Stingray Class
Mrs M BrownYear 6 Teacher, Swordfish Class
Mr P SimkinYear 5 Lead Teacher, Orca Class
Miss E ForemanYear 5 Teacher, Piranha Class
Miss E WildingYear 5 Teacher, Seal Class
Miss WandowskiYear 4 Lead Teacher, Penguin Class
Mrs C YatesYear 4 Teacher, Turtle Class
Mrs S PellYear 4 Teacher, Jellyfish Class
Miss V WestYear 3 Lead Teacher, Dolphin Class
Miss S HarveyYear 3 Teacher (Mat Leave Cover Jan-July 2021), Dolphins Class
Miss S ClarkeYear 3 Teacher, Seahorse Class
Miss R BurnettYear 3 Teacher, Shark Class
Mr C BeedieTeacher
Miss M PetfordTeacher
Mr K WhitePE and Sports Coach

pastoral support

Mrs A C SimpsonPastoral Support Leader

Higher level Teaching assistants

Mrs D HurleyHigher Level Teaching Assistant
Mrs L TurnerHigher Level Teaching Assistant
Mrs K VingoeHigher Level Teaching Assistant

learning support assistants

Mrs P BridgesLearning Support Assistant
Mrs O MomevaLearning Support Assistant
Mrs L CopeLearning Support Assistant
Mrs A CrookLearning Support Assistant
Mrs J EdwardsLearning Support Assistant
Mrs F ElliottLearning Support Assistant
Mr S HallLearning Support Assistant
Mrs S LewisLearning Support Assistant
Mrs J KnightLearning Support Assistant - Speech and Language
Miss J ScottLearning Support Assistant
Mrs N Smith Learning Support Assistant
Mrs T WarnLearning Support Assistant

Office Staff

Mrs J BurryOffice Manager
Mrs R Fudge Office and Finance Assistant

site Staff

Mr R Mullins Site Manager
Tim MeadAspirations Facilities Manager

Aspirations district Staff

David HerbertAspirations South Coast CEO

lunchtime assistants

Mrs J Reading Lunchtime Assistant
Mrs S Whyte Lunchtime Assistant

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