Our parents were asked: 'What do you love about Ocean Academy?'
'How proud my son is to be a student at Ocean.'
'My son loves coming to school - he is a changed boy.'
'The way children are prepared for working in the future.'
'Ocean has set the example for showing other schools how to excel.'
'High expectations - everyone is challenged.'
Our Values: Self-Worth, Engagement, Purpose
Our 8 Conditions for Successful Learning: 1.Belonging 2.Heroes
Our 8 Conditions for Successful Learning: 3.Sense of Accomplishment
Our 8 Conditions for Successful Learning: 4.Fun and Excitement
Our 8 Conditions for Successful Learning: 5.Curiosity and Creativity
Our 8 Conditions for Successful Learning: 6.Spirit of Adventure
Our 8 Conditions for Successful Learning: 7.Leadership/Responsibility
Our 8 Conditions for Successful Learning: 8.Confidence To Take Action
We have achieved the School Games Platinum Award!
Book a parent tour around Ocean 9:30am - 2nd, 3rd, 10th & 11th October
Book a parent tour around Ocean 9:30am - 25th and 27th September
Open Evening - Thursday 19th October 2023 - 5pm
Check out our Facebook page @OceanAAT

Open Evenings for 2024/25

Are you interested in your child joining Ocean Academy in 2024?

On Thursday 19th October, we are holding an opening evening for you and your child to have a look around our fantastic school.

5pm – Look around the school and meet staff.

5:30pm – Presentation by Principal Mrs Quarrie.

There are other opportunities for parents to look around the school on a booking only basis on the following dates:

Monday 25th September
Wednesday 27th September
Monday 2nd October
Tuesday 3rd October
Tuesday 10th October
Wednesday 11th October

9:30am start.

The Ocean Academy Curriculum

Our curriculum has been designed to challenge and support each learner to develop a strong sense of self through a purposeful, engaging and authentic learning journey; preparing resilient learners who have the knowledge, skills and cultural awareness to embrace an ever-changing world.

No limits: 

To ensure all learners remember more, understand more and can apply more.
To spark the curiosity of all learners and nurture their need to discover more. 

No barriers: 

To empower learners with the knowledge, skills and vocabulary to be successful in the future.
To develop the whole child. 

The Ocean Academy Curriculum

applied learning

Our vision is to deliver an authentic education for the 21st century for children from the age of 7-11, where pupils use and apply their knowledge to develop their power skills:

  • Communication
  • Collaboration
  • Critical Thinking and Problem Solving
  • Having an academic mindset

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