Student Leadership Opportunities

Student Leadership opportunities at Ocean Academy

At Ocean Academy, we are passionate about providing all children with a range of opportunities which allow them to develop their skills as future leaders. We have a variety of student leadership opportunities for children in all years which allow all children to learn the art of building relationships when working collaboratively and develop effective communication when solving problems. 

Green Award

This award is being undertaken by a group of Year 6 children who are passionate about making a positive environmental change at Ocean Academy and beyond. Together, these children will research local and famous people/companies that have made a positive impact locally and/or worldwide. After carrying out a survey of Ocean Academy, the group will decide on 3 action points as a team which are designed to make positive environmental changes at Ocean Academy. 

Anti-bullying Award

This award is being undertaken by a group of children across the school who wish to become ambassadors against bullying. These children will build their knowledge of what bullying is and how to support someone if they feel they are being bullied. They will develop confidence to take action and help to make a difference by listening to peers and directing them to adult support if required. 

Leadership (Sports) Award

This award is being undertaken by a group of children across the school who wish to develop their skills in planning, leading and officiating sporting activities. Together, the group will become familiar with a range of warm up activities and playground games and learn how to lead amongst these activities in the playground and during PE lessons. 

Members of Parliament

Each class has a Member of Parliament representative. These children provide a pupil voice for their class to share their ideas and opinions on ways to improve Ocean Academy. These children demonstrate role model behaviour and are chosen to represent Ocean Academy at various school events such as Open Evenings. 


These are a group of children across the school who are passionate about reading and sharing their love of books. These children work in the library and make sure that books are returned correctly and keep the library tidy so it remains an inviting space to read. Ocean librarians support their peers by giving author recommendations and support in updating book displays. Every week, a book club takes place whereby a chosen text is enjoyed and discussed as a group. 

Digital leaders

These are a group of Year 6 children who actively wish to promote computing across the school. The main responsibilities of a Digital Leader are to independently organise computing equipment required for lessons, support peers by sharing their computing subject knowledge and model the safe use of technology. 

Maths Champions

These are children from across the school who have demonstrated a passion for mathematical problem solving and wish to promote their love of maths amongst their peers. These children support at after school events such as Parent Fun and Engagement sessions by modelling how we learn at Ocean Academy using different mathematical equipment. 

CPTA  (Child, Parent, Teacher Association) 

The children in CPTA have demonstrated an interest in supporting Ocean Academy outside of the school day at various fundraising events. These include cake sales, school discos and fayres.

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