Aspire Award

At Ocean Academy, we are committed to offering our pupils a wealth of opportunities beyond the National Curriculum. We want all of our pupils to develop a sense of purpose in all aspects of life, be engaged in the real world and do so with a high level of self-worth.

We are excited to offer Year 5 and 6 pupils the new Aspire Award scheme. There are three awards which can be earned, each with 10 challenges. 

The Aspire Awards have been specially designed for Aspirations Academy Trust pupils to endeavour to show what the 3 guiding principles of self-worth, engagement and purpose mean to them.

‘Bringing Learning To Life: No Limits. No Barriers.’


The aim of these challenges is for them to be completed independently (although some will require some adult support) and outside of the school day where possible. We will be making sure pupils have plenty of opportunities to work towards the school based challenges. The last two challenges in each award are designed to encourage the pupils to think about what each guiding principle means to them, and create challenges for themselves to complete. The challenges do not need to be completed in order and pupils can be completing challenges for different awards at the same time. There is a google slides document on your child’s Google Classroom, on which they can add pictures and text to keep a record of each challenge they have completed (a guide to this is attached to this letter). If you would prefer a paper copy of this challenge record, please speak to your class teacher.  When all 10 challenges in an award have been completed, a badge and certificate will be presented to the pupils in golden assembly. There is no requirement for your child to achieve these awards, but we hope that they will grasp the opportunity with both hands! 

We look forward to celebrating all of the pupils’ achievements and awarding many badges over the coming months.

Google Classroom Guide

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