Y4 Rock Band

Year 4 thoroughly enjoyed their ‘Rock Band’ project that was completed last term.

At the start of last term, Year 4 were invited to attend a concert at school by Bowties and Braces (Mr Beedie’s band!). After the concert, the band set Year 4 the task of designing and making a fully functional stage for their band and to come up with a lighting system to match the beat and rhythm of a rock song.

The Year 4s investigated what they knew about the history of Rock and then set to work using the micro:bit software to code lighting to go with a Rock song. The Year 4s also embraced their newly created Google ‘My Drive’ accounts to work collaboratively.  After that, they set to work planning how they could embed their micro:bit lighting into the stage set and also added a simple circuit with a light bulb and switch into it.

Carrying on with the rock theme, in art the children created rocktastic portraits based on iconic rock legends, utilising their tone and shading skills. Whilst in design and technology, the children discussed the expanding market of wearable technology. The children then worked in groups and designed a piece of wearable technology that could be worn either by a concert goer or the band to enhance their concert experience. Some children went further and began to make a prototype of their design incorporating simple circuits and LED lights.

At the end of the term, Year 4 got back together and as a year group they shared all of their stage sets with each other. Mr Beedie and his band had a tough decision choosing the winners of the set and lighting, so much so in fact that they wanted to commend every group for their efforts with a certificate!

However, after much deliberation, the winners were:

Best Stage Design – Sienna, Ranya and Leo H.

Best Coding – Daisy H, Tallulah and Jahan.

Overall Winners – Casey, Milo and Lily L (who took home a microbit each!).

Please see the photos below of some of the incredible, imaginative and wacky work produced throughout the project! You can see videos of your child’s final product via their google drive account, which your child can access from home with their google log in details.

The Rock Band Project was part of our No Limits Curriculum. If you would like to find out more about this then please click here.


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