Astronaut Day

3, 2, 1. Blast off…

On Friday 17th January, Year 5 participated in an Astronaut Recruitment Day. This involved the children participating in a variety of tasks based upon the requirement by NASA when selecting candidates to become astronauts. The tasks focused upon fitness, memory, special awareness, reaction times, teamwork and concentration.

Fitness Task:

To be an astronaut, there are minimum fitness requirements, with astronauts having to exercise for at least 2 hours a day.

The children participated in parachute games testing resilience and concentration, high jump, as well as practicing their ‘moon walking’ in races.

Reaction Time:

It is essential for astronauts to remain alert and have good reaction speeds in order for them to function safely and effectively in space.

The children tested their reaction times through basic activities, including catching rulers and ‘passing the squeeze’. This showed the children how important are senses are in relation to reaction time. We found that reaction time slowed when sight and sound were taken away.


A bridge to the satellite has broken. The children needed to use the available resources to fix it, in order to be able to transport the oxygen tanks needed.

The children, worked in teams of 3, to create a bridge that would be able to transport a tennis ball (acting as the oxygen tanks) across a distance of 30 cm.

During this activity, the children showed skills of team work, communication and concentration – essential in order to become an astronaut.

Problem Solving:

The children participated in logical and mathematical tasks, whereby they had to show resilience, determination and a growth mindset. These tasks required the children to work in methodical manners, using strategies to succeed.

Much hilarity was had throughout the day as you can see in the photos!


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