Year 5 Fire Service Visit

Year 5 had a visit from the Dorset and Wiltshire Fire and Rescue Service, based on Holes Bay.

There was much excitement as the fire engine drove onto school grounds and parked up on the front playground. The children then had an opportunity to find out what equipment is kept on the fire engine and what the kit is for. The children learned a lot about science as they discussed the fire triangle, why foam is used on some fires and water on others, why the hoses have circular metal spikes inside the nozzle of the hose (to cool down the surrounding air around and above a fire), how the fire service try and reduce environmental damage such as those caused by oil spills and how to access water once the water carried on the fire engine runs out.

The children had the opportunity to try on some of the uniform and to feel how heavy some of the equipment is that is used on a daily basis (such as the gigantic cutters that are used to cut open cars that have been in accidents).

After the fire engine left, the children then had a lesson delivered by the Fire and Rescue Service all about fires, fire prevention and how to stay safe.

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